Can you imagine going from Zero to Triplets

My long-time best friends have wanted to be a family for so long

and being the awesome people they are – this year they started looking into adoption!

** Happy News **

Last week they found out they are

Finally going to be a Family …just in time for Thanksgiving!

** Even Happier News **

Three beautiful siblings from here in Oregon are NOT going to be split up and adopted separately, but  instead

are going to have a brand new, amazing life together, with my best-friends.

** Fine Print **

Due to adoption rules, no images of these beautiful children are allowed to be shared online until the adoption is finalized.

So, I cannot send a picture of these beauties, but if you come and see me I can tell you all about them!
Just imagine some of the cutest kids around… (apart from your own of course!)

** The Ask **

Do you know anyone who might have some “hand-me-downs” they would like to go to these siblings? Toys, clothing, anything related to kids~!?

GIRL: 1 year old & 2 year old

BOY: Almost 4 year old

** My best friends **

These are a couple of the most amazing people I know = Super fun, thoughtful and full of life.

She hails from Alaska, is a kindergarten school teacher and children’s right advocate extraordinaire.

He hails from Iowa, joined the Navy, traveled the world and landed a career in tech here in Oregon.


If you made it this far down the page, my sincere thanks for your time!    :o)

Also, if you know anyone local who might be interested in helping, please feel free to forward this email.

My email is: